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A thing I need

I need more matriarchies in fantasy. I need stories where the matriarchy isn’t a dude’s bdsm fantasy (coughDrowcough). Stories where the fact that the matriarchy is a matriarchy isn’t central to the story: it’s just the way things are. Stories where the matriarchy isn’t inherently “evil”, but also not inherently “good”. Just well-designed social systems where women are the primary authority figures. I’m bored with the abundance of (hyper-)patriarchal societies in fantasy.

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    *Tries to draw Ennaran a bit more quickly.*
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    *runs home to write ‘Ambrosia’ further*
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  6. captainshanny said: Write the book you want to read :D I’ve found that looking for specific things like that in books is pretty hard and I would like more diversity in fantasy in general.
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    Treat it as something natural, as something that just is and thus why would anyone make a big thing it? Know its good...
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    Yes, I agree! I started thinking about that in the last paragraph, because like you said, that would indeed impact a lot...
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  12. betterlucknextyear said: The webcomic Drowtales does its best to take the BDSM matriarchy of the Drow and turn into a legitimate social system that isn’t a creepy jerkoff fantasy. You could try that.
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  14. ladynorthstar said: I wholeheartedly agree.
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